Hello Mr Blog,

Many many apologies for keeping you on tenterhooks for the last couple of months. I have been pretty busy – in a good way. So that bit of filming I did…oh hang on, did I mention I was in a play in January at Theatre 503?  ‘Our Children Will Be Next’ directed by Lydia Parker (who is a great director to work with) which was a total sell out run; I played a heartless, calculating Big Brother type – a real challenge doing a bit of serious acting.

Anyway back to that filming…oh by the way did you catch me in ‘Miranda’ in January – a fun cameo where I met Raymond Blanc and Gary Barlow. M. Blanc gave me a shoulder massage – merci Raymond. And the cast and crew were brilliant – recording in front of a live studio audience was daunting but a huge huge buzz. Miranda works so hard on the series and I personally loved doing the episode (especially rehearsals where I got to play a couple of parts!). Here’s me in Miranda’s flat:


Now that filming…wait a sec, I’ve just found out that ‘Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People’ is due to start on 14th March on BBC3, you can catch me in a couple of episodes.
What filming Mr Blog? Oh yeah, I have a cameo in ‘Molly Moon – The Incredible Hypnotist’ which stars the legend that is Joan Collins (although I didn’t actually meet her), the multi Oscar nominated Emily Watson (although I didn’t actually meet her) and Dominic Monaghan ( who is a good guy and didn’t mind me asking about his Hobbit feet – he still has a pair by the way). Here’s a picture of me with a polar bear which has nothing whatsoever to do with my part:


See you soon Mr Blog – I promise not to leave it so long next time…oh and if you’re around on Tuesday 12th March, come down to the Comedy Pub, Leicester Square – awesome sketch and character comedy line up.

Bye Mr Blog.