Hello Mr Blog,

Who on earth is this I hear you cry? …Yes, it’s me and yes, I apologise for being very lax in my blogging and I could bore you with endless excuses of filming stuff, Edinburgh Fringe and generally not being home to do it – BUT there should always be time to write a blog! – yes there should and with that self-chastisement I shall now update you as to my meanderings over the past 6 months.

Having just checked my iphone calendar I notice that it seems to delete all calendar notes older than 2 months which is a bit frustrating – is there anyway I can prevent this? I must therefore rely on my memory. Here goes:

I have been incredibly absorbed with my sketch group The Real MacGuffins (www.therealmacguffins.com) – writing and developing a show for the Edinburgh Fringe which we started gigging at the Bath Comedy Festival in March – check the festival out here: http://www.bathcomedy.com/ – it is run by a fine fellow called Mr Nick Steel and has to be one of the friendliest, warmest and well-run festivals on the circuit.

Also in March I filmed this fun spoof of Man v Food with the charming Mr Lee Gant – who never seems to stop working or bantering.



And I filmed a small cameo in a Channel 4 pilot – Wizard’s Sleeve – helmed by directing guru John Henderson with Isy Suttie, Sara Pascoe and Julie T Wallace, (from The Life And Loves of A She Devil – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098849/ ) – here she is menacing me (she’s actually really lovely):


April was great fun – I did a clowning workshop with Mick Barnfather, who I highly recommend; he is an amazing teacher and I learnt so much from him. I use at least one of his exercises every time I meet up with the other MacGuffins. Although he did make me dress up as a scout master…hmmm. Here’s his website:  http://www.mickbarnfather.com/ – give one of his courses a try – he didn’t ask me to say that by the way – (…so Mick that’s a tenner you owe me, yeah?)

In May I played a baddie – Mr Gruber – in a wonderful short film called ‘Downsizer’ written and directed by Joe Pavlo. The whole experience was great from start (group bonding drinks at Soho House) to finish (group bonding drinks at the wrap party). I loved playing someone a bit warped and twisted – here’s the very very cool trailer with a lot of my voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aKYOi0ncTg

I realise this is only up to May/June, so more to come…soon.

My TV recommendations at the moment are The Wrong Mans  (BBC) and Louie (Fox/SKY) – oh and you will catch me in Dom Joly’s Fool Britannia (ITV1) on 26th October and 2nd November…

Toodlepip and thanks for being patient Mr Blog.