What’s that Mr Blog? Twice in a month – unheard of – yes, but it’s true. I’m back and I’m here to catch up where I left off. Where was I? May? Ah with my lovely sketch chums at The Real MacGuffins we descended upon the fine folk at The Ministry of Fun – here’s their website: http://www.ministryoffun.net/  – I have known the wonderful James Lovell and Matt Grist since the previous Millennium and they kindly let us borrow some costumes for our forthcoming (now completed) Edinburgh show  – here’s a couple of outfits we ( I mean Matt) tried on :



Here’s Matt looking rather fetching:



We eventually decided against these outfits but we did borrow some great hats, coats and wigs which subsequently made it into the show – THANK YOU MINISTRY OF FUN!!!

June was a fun month and I went to some lovely weddings – I have to say that Til and Mel’s wedding was absolutely amazing and the speeches were all fantastic – genuinely not a dry eye in the house; I also got rather drunk at Rich and Janine’s wedding but the less said about that the better. Here’s a photo from backstage at the Brighton Fringe where Jim MacGuffin gained a curious head-growth:



June also involved me pottering around the country with Dom Joly for his current series of Fool Britannia  – Saturdays 6.30pm on ITV1…I may have mentioned I’m in episodes 4 & 5…I had a really fun time in Swansea and Ipswich (being part Welsh and an Ipswich Town fan). You can follow Dom’s twitter rantings here: https://twitter.com/domjoly. June was capped off with some sporting endeavours – going to Wimbledon with my mate Malky and playing a comedians charity cricket match for Chaz Collett – on what was probably the hottest day of the year.

Next Blog coming soon…now just a mere 3 months behind…

Off to do a show tonight at the Leicester Square Theatre…7pm if you read this blog in time…

Toodlepip Mr Blog.