So Mr Blog – where were we? July I believe, yes, July – a very busy month for Edinburgh preparations involving rehearsals with the talented John Walton – here’s the website for his theatre company – a whole bunch of previews with two fab sketch comedy groups: That Pair ( & The Grandees ( – do check them out – finishing off our crowd funding campaign ( a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors and our 49 shareholders – Matt is sending your stock as we speak) and building our set (Jim MacGuffin did wonders with some kitchen units, burgundy paint and a smoke machine).

Then it was off to my 10th Edinburgh – one of the sunniest I have yet experienced – a whirlwind of putting up posters, handing out flyers – here’s one (with a couple of reviews stapled to it – it’s an Edinburgh thing):


having the most intense fun doing shows (and selling out) at the Underbelly, guesting at nights at The Pleasance, Spank and Gilded Balloon (we get around), appearing in the final of the Best New Sketch Act, seeing great shows, meeting the amazing Neil Gaiman along with the legendary John Lloyd & chatting about this great inspirational speech: , catching up with my cousin Gail, drinking with friends and ending up with a green face every day (alcohol/make-up).

I did get one day off and thanks to a certain sponsor (thanks Mike) we got FREE TICKETS FOR THE ASHES at Durham – Matt MacGuffin and I set off early in the morning and look how excited he was about it (non cricket fans please skip the next paragraph):


(CRICKET LOVERS READ ON:  I have to say of all the days we could have picked it turned out to be a sensational day’s cricket –  it was Day 4 of the Durham Test – England scored around 100 runs before lunch (well done Big Tim Bresnan and Swanny) , then the heavens opened and we thought our day was ruined – but the ground staff worked wonders (with some giant squeegie rollers) in fact they did such a good job that Australia – chasing 299 to win – were 120 for 1 and looking set to win the Test. Tea time was a sombre period – but the evening session was pure sporting theatre – with a magical spell Stuart Broad (bowling at over 90mph) obliterated the Australian batting order – aided by the ever dependable Tim Bresnan – and with England having an extra half-hour to take the last two wickets – storm clouds lowering overhead, bad light, pressure, crowd atmosphere – it had everything including the final Australian wicket falling – VICTORY and we all went crazy as England had won the Ashes. I was a very happy Dan (and even Matt woke up) – this is how close we were to the action:


Cricket chat over and Edinburgh over, back to London – September & October –  straight back into the fray performing our Real MacGuffins show to a sell-out crowd at Funnyside Earlsfield ( a great comedy night run by Dave Bourn – ) and at the Leicester Square Theatre. I managed to squeeze in some solo character gigs, a bit of corporate roleplay work, an advert for ASDA as well as some filming for BBC3 (more on that in my next missive Mr Blog ). And I caught up on great shows from the Edinburgh Fringe that I missed (because of clashing with my own show) including Grounded and Fleabag (two excellent one woman shows by exceptionally talented actresses) and also Red Bastard – here he is:


All three shows were radically different and highlight the power of one person shows – it can be the most directly engaging type of theatre when it goes well (and the least when done badly). I am so glad I saw them – and congratulations to Phoebe Waller-Bridge for her recent Evening Standard nomination – richly deserved.

Very very nearly up to speed – two quick things – I highly highly recommend Modern Family – here’s a taste –  and also in October I went to this book launch written by my mates James and Marc – check it out!!!

That’s all for the moment Mr Blog – our next chat should bring us completely up to date…