Hello Mr Blog,

The end of the year is nigh – and hasn’t it hurtled round really quickly? My resolution is to keep you up-to-date at least once a month from now on Mr Blog – fingers crossed on that one.

Just to finish up on what, where and how I’ve been – I was filming up in Edinburgh in October and November for BBC3 series ‘Pramface’ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00n8w54) which I have to say was one of the loveliest acting experiences I’ve had to date. I had to go up 4 or 5 times, which included the Sleeper train. I can confess Mr Blog that I was hugely excited about this but ultimately the single bed, plastic sheet and snoring neighbour left me rather disappointed and sleep deprived, although the continental breakfast wasn’t too bad (I was advised NOT to go for the hot breakfast – handy tip for anyone using the Sleeper) – here’s the brekkie:


The cast and crew on Pramface are all brilliant and incredibly friendly – I felt 100% welcome straight away; and I totally enjoyed the part I played – ‘Ollie’ in episode 1. Acting with such a talented cast was a real privilege and jobs like that don’t come along every day – the series should start in January and I hope you enjoy it Mr Blog as much as I did making it. Oh and a props box on set meant I got this close to James Bond –


Me and the MacGuffins had a busy old time too – we got a commission to write for Mitchell & Webb on BBC Radio 4, performed our full Edinburgh show at a big corporate night in December and we finished a first draft script for a production company (please send all positive vibes to The Real MacGuffins, c/o Dan, Jim and Matt).

In other news I had a significant birthday which involved eating at The Fat Duck –  http://www.thefatduck.co.uk/ – probably the greatest dining experience I’ve ever had – four and half hours of eating 14 courses with such great friends ( whose knowledge of me covered my whole life – thank you all for being there through thick and thin) – culminating with a guided tour of the kitchens as we were the last people left in the restaurant!!


Followed by just a ‘few’ cocktails with family and friends at The Looking Glass http://lookingglasslondon.co.uk/ – it was truly joyous to see an entire bar filled with people I knew – special mention to Ian who came down from Glasgow, Victoria from Leeds, Nick from Bath and The March Family from Somerset. Thank you everyone who came – you gave me a warm glow inside which is still there – thank you for drinking and chatting with me til 8am even though I was dressed like this:


That’s Gareth Kane there – wondering what he’s got himself into! Gareth is a brilliant improviser, one third of top sketch group ‘Kneel Before Zod’ – catch them at the Paradise on 20th Feb – and a good friend who’s put up with me for nearly 10 years!!

The rest of December was spent doing corporate roleplay, Murder Mysteries as Dr Watson and being this fine chap –


So a slightly tardy Merry Christmas Mr Blog and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here’s a toast to 2014…and if you haven’t caught it yet  here’s another Toast: please watch ‘Toast of London’ – I absolutely LOVED it – http://www.channel4.com/programmes/toast-of-london/4od

Cheers Mr Blog!