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Hello Mr Blog,

Yes I know Christmas isn’t til next week but I wanted to wish you a Merry Yuletide now just in case those clever Mayans were right (although let’s all hope they weren’t).

Well Mr Blog I’ve been pretty busy as it happens – thanks for asking. I hope you saw me on ‘Spy’ (SKY1) – I had some great friends come round to watch (including @judithfaultless who played my wonderful Sergeant) – and luckily an equally wonderful producer also saw me and asked me to do a voiceover for ‘2012:Mashed’ which will be on Ch4 on 28th December at 11.40pm (I’m a pilot in an iphone/imaps sketch). Yippee!

The Real MacGuffins have been busy too – our last show of the year was SOLD OUT and had brilliant guests including @fawcettjenny @mcneilpamphilon @marcellucont – an all round fab way to end the year. Lots more gigs in 2013 (as we prepare for Edinburgh – gulp) – come along on 15th Jan to the Comedy Pub to see us, Pippa Evans, This Glorious Monster, Kneel Before Zod and Heffernan&Fletcher.

What else Mr Blog? So demanding – well I particularly enjoyed going to the BIFAs (British Independent Film Awards) with my good friend Mr Rory O’Donnell. It was great to see @sightseersthemovie nominated and winning Best Screenplay for Alice Lowe, Steve Oram and Amy Jump. It’s well worth seeing – and is an excellent Indie black comedy with plenty of laugh out loud moments –  also starring Richard Glover (below – who I have gigged with many times and is always funny) – here’s a couple of pics showing the glamour (between me and Richard – the rose between two comedy thorns – is the stunning Marama Corlett. You may have seen her in ‘Sinbad’ and she will be starring in ‘Desert Dancer’ which is out next year, she’s a lovely talented lady who has supported my comedy ramblings for years and, for that reason alone, totally deserves her success):


That’s all for now and speak soon Mr Blog.

P.s. I may write to you again Mr Blog about that bit of filming I did…


Hello Mr Blog,

How’s your week been? I’ve got some exciting news – I’ve just been cast in a feature film which stars Joan Collins!! Filming on 17th December…more to come.

And if you have SKY – check me out this Friday (30th) on SKY1 in ‘Spy’ (which stars the wonderful Darren Boyd, Mark Heap and Robert Lindsay) – Episode 7: Codename Ball Busted – 8.30pm. I had great fun filming this with Judith Faultless as my Sergeant – there is something hugely empowering about wearing a policeman’s uniform (especially as these were authentic with extendable metal truncheons!).

I’m off today to run through a mock version of a comedy panel show, do a read through of a new vampire series and rehearse for a play reading. Quite a busy day – and first thing tomorrow I shall be rehearsing with Jim Millard and Matt Sheahan – my fellow Real MacGuffins – always a great joy and a pleasure (they paid me to write that).

Now to work on my website with the marvellously talented and creative Jason Read ( ).

Bye for now Mr Blog.



Hello Mr Blog,

It’s only been a couple of weeks but as usual I’ve tried to be busy especially for you Mr Blog. First up though, today I’ve discovered a wonderful radio series called ‘Why bother?’ by Chris Morris and Peter Cook – all completely ad-libbed and here’s a handy link: – two comedy greats bringing out the best in each other back in 1994, my excuse for missing it before is because it was on Radio 3.

Second up – I’ve been doing some filming – which I always enjoy, primarily because I’m a massive show-off and I love it when the camera’s on me. This week I have mostly been a Headmaster ( in Spencer Brown’s brilliantly written short film ‘The Boy With A Camera For A Face’) and a Detective Inspector ( in Chris Presswell’s stylish murder mystery feature film ‘Candlestick’).

Third up, gigging – had a fun old gig at the Comedy Pub last week with The Real MacGuffins – we had a top line-up of some of the best character and sketch acts currently performing on the circuit – Colin Hoult, Humphrey Ker, Kieran Hodgson, Mike Hayley, Max Dowler and brand new act ‘Modern Dreams’. More gigs coming soon…

Fourth up, on telly – you can see me on telly on 30th November – if you have SKY…if not, pop round to mine as I now have SKY or to my cousin’s who also has SKY and lives nearby. I play a Police Constable in ‘SPY’ (on SKY). I have put pics up of me as a Detective Inspector and me as a Police Constable just so you can see the massive differences in my interpretations.

I think that’s about it for now – off to meet the amazing Cal McCrystal tonight and a wee audition in the morning – fingers crossed!

Til the next time Mr Blog.

Hello again Mr Blog,

Apologies for not being around the last three months – what on earth have you been up to Dan? Well Mr Blog, as usual gigging with The Real MacGuffins (gigs coming up on 8th and 13th November…) – and we had the great honour to perform a run at the Bush Theatre in August. I have also been filming stuff –   in ‘Spy’ on SKY1 (I’m in episode 7 – in 4 weeks time), a wee bit in ‘Miranda’ and also something on BBC3 – more info to come.

Had great fun yesterday at The Pleasance performing at Phil Nichol’s & Maggie Inchley’s Itch: A Scratch Event – a fab sitcom written by Steve Keyworth and last week in Colin Hoult’s Real Horror Show – all top talented people to work with.

Catch me in January at Theatre 503 – I will blog on that soon.

Oh and I’ve got a small role in an independent feature – filming in a couple of weeks.

There we go – a quick update – thanks for asking Mr Blog.

Bye for now,


Well, here I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century by my good friend The Jase…with my first ever blog.

About to do my radio show with the Jase – do check our Tuesday show (10pm -1am GMT)…but briefly I shall say a big HELLO to cyberspace and I shall shortly be blogging about all the interesting stuff that’s happening in my small blogosphere.

For example today – filming with The Real MacGuffins in a park in Barnes involving a bush, a bike and a bruise – check out for much fun and silliness.

Got to go but see you soon Mr Blog!