Hello Mr Blog,

Yes I know Christmas isn’t til next week but I wanted to wish you a Merry Yuletide now just in case those clever Mayans were right (although let’s all hope they weren’t).

Well Mr Blog I’ve been pretty busy as it happens – thanks for asking. I hope you saw me on ‘Spy’ (SKY1) – I had some great friends come round to watch (including @judithfaultless who played my wonderful Sergeant) – and luckily an equally wonderful producer also saw me and asked me to do a voiceover for ‘2012:Mashed’ which will be on Ch4 on 28th December at 11.40pm (I’m a pilot in an iphone/imaps sketch). Yippee!

The Real MacGuffins have been busy too – our last show of the year was SOLD OUT and had brilliant guests including @fawcettjenny @mcneilpamphilon @marcellucont – an all round fab way to end the year. Lots more gigs in 2013 (as we prepare for Edinburgh – gulp) – come along on 15th Jan to the Comedy Pub to see us, Pippa Evans, This Glorious Monster, Kneel Before Zod and Heffernan&Fletcher.

What else Mr Blog? So demanding – well I particularly enjoyed going to the BIFAs (British Independent Film Awards) with my good friend Mr Rory O’Donnell. It was great to see @sightseersthemovie nominated and winning Best Screenplay for Alice Lowe, Steve Oram and Amy Jump. It’s well worth seeing – and is an excellent Indie black comedy with plenty of laugh out loud moments –  also starring Richard Glover (below – who I have gigged with many times and is always funny) – here’s a couple of pics showing the glamour (between me and Richard – the rose between two comedy thorns – is the stunning Marama Corlett. You may have seen her in ‘Sinbad’ and she will be starring in ‘Desert Dancer’ which is out next year, she’s a lovely talented lady who has supported my comedy ramblings for years and, for that reason alone, totally deserves her success):


That’s all for now and speak soon Mr Blog.

P.s. I may write to you again Mr Blog about that bit of filming I did…


Hello Mr Blog,

How’s your week been? I’ve got some exciting news – I’ve just been cast in a feature film which stars Joan Collins!! Filming on 17th December…more to come.

And if you have SKY – check me out this Friday (30th) on SKY1 in ‘Spy’ (which stars the wonderful Darren Boyd, Mark Heap and Robert Lindsay) – Episode 7: Codename Ball Busted – 8.30pm. I had great fun filming this with Judith Faultless as my Sergeant – there is something hugely empowering about wearing a policeman’s uniform (especially as these were authentic with extendable metal truncheons!).

I’m off today to run through a mock version of a comedy panel show, do a read through of a new vampire series and rehearse for a play reading. Quite a busy day – and first thing tomorrow I shall be rehearsing with Jim Millard and Matt Sheahan – my fellow Real MacGuffins – always a great joy and a pleasure (they paid me to write that).

Now to work on my website with the marvellously talented and creative Jason Read (www.thejase.co.uk ).

Bye for now Mr Blog.



Hello Mr Blog,

It’s only been a couple of weeks but as usual I’ve tried to be busy especially for you Mr Blog. First up though, today I’ve discovered a wonderful radio series called ‘Why bother?’ by Chris Morris and Peter Cook – all completely ad-libbed and here’s a handy link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0BjGQ0ZTRM&feature=relmfu – two comedy greats bringing out the best in each other back in 1994, my excuse for missing it before is because it was on Radio 3.

Second up – I’ve been doing some filming – which I always enjoy, primarily because I’m a massive show-off and I love it when the camera’s on me. This week I have mostly been a Headmaster ( in Spencer Brown’s brilliantly written short film ‘The Boy With A Camera For A Face’) and a Detective Inspector ( in Chris Presswell’s stylish murder mystery feature film ‘Candlestick’).

Third up, gigging – had a fun old gig at the Comedy Pub last week with The Real MacGuffins – we had a top line-up of some of the best character and sketch acts currently performing on the circuit – Colin Hoult, Humphrey Ker, Kieran Hodgson, Mike Hayley, Max Dowler and brand new act ‘Modern Dreams’. More gigs coming soon…

Fourth up, on telly – you can see me on telly on 30th November – if you have SKY…if not, pop round to mine as I now have SKY or to my cousin’s who also has SKY and lives nearby. I play a Police Constable in ‘SPY’ (on SKY). I have put pics up of me as a Detective Inspector and me as a Police Constable just so you can see the massive differences in my interpretations.

I think that’s about it for now – off to meet the amazing Cal McCrystal http://www.calmccrystal.com/ tonight and a wee audition in the morning – fingers crossed!

Til the next time Mr Blog.


Hello again Mr Blog,

Apologies for not being around the last three months – what on earth have you been up to Dan? Well Mr Blog, as usual gigging with The Real MacGuffins (gigs coming up on 8th and 13th November…) – and we had the great honour to perform a run at the Bush Theatre in August. I have also been filming stuff –   in ‘Spy’ on SKY1 (I’m in episode 7 – in 4 weeks time), a wee bit in ‘Miranda’ and also something on BBC3 – more info to come.

Had great fun yesterday at The Pleasance performing at Phil Nichol’s & Maggie Inchley’s Itch: A Scratch Event – a fab sitcom written by Steve Keyworth and last week in Colin Hoult’s Real Horror Show – all top talented people to work with.

Catch me in January at Theatre 503 – I will blog on that soon.

Oh and I’ve got a small role in an independent feature – filming in a couple of weeks.

There we go – a quick update – thanks for asking Mr Blog.

Bye for now,


Well, here I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century by my good friend The Jase…with my first ever blog.

About to do my radio show with the Jase – do check our Tuesday show (10pm -1am GMT)…but briefly I shall say a big HELLO to cyberspace and I shall shortly be blogging about all the interesting stuff that’s happening in my small blogosphere.

For example today – filming with The Real MacGuffins in a park in Barnes involving a bush, a bike and a bruise – check out http://www.therealmacguffins.com for much fun and silliness.

Got to go but see you soon Mr Blog!